With over 40 years experience…

About us

Keith Edwards has over 40 years experience in the Landscape Industry, working on both residential and commercial projects. Keith worked for Australia’s largest garden club, heading up its garden design business and designing gardens for customers across Australia

How we work

Keith Edwards Landscape Consulting provides on site garden consultations, working with clients to provide a personalised experience. We have experience in a broad range of garden styles including dry gardens, woodland, structured, garden rooms, perennial, edible and sustainable.

Why we're different

Keith Edwards produces unique hand drawn garden designs, with high attention to detail, fully specified, scaled and include full botanical nomenclature. Keith’s working plans become more like a piece of art that can be treasured forever.

Why us?

Who will work on my landscape?

Keith Edwards will personally work with you to design your garden and understand all your needs. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion, Keith can guide you through the process of design, planning and construction.

How we work?

  • On site meeting
  • Develop a project brief for the garden
  • Analysis on site aspects, including sun transition (summer and winter), topography, soil type, vistas/views and privacy
  • Garden design, selecting suitable plants and quantities, ensuring the best use of space

Other landscaping services

As a result of 40 years industry experience, Keith has the ability to access and recommend a large and diverse collection of passionate landscapers and plant brokers, including recommendations for driveway and pool construction.
why us
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